Where Essentia’s Heading: The New Roadmap is Out!

2 min readApr 21, 2021


Great news you guys! We have just uploaded a new version of the Essentia roadmap — 2.2.

As we were years before, we are focused on the development of the products using the agile methodology that involves reviewing the requirements, product value, and relevance on regular basis. Though we are tweaking the direction a bit — with going DeFi, about which you already know — we’re doing so with our continuous goal of making decentralized products more accessible to everyone.

This being said, let us put you in the picture of everything that awaits for 2021–2022.

Where we at today

This is no secret that for the last few weeks we’ve been actively working on our own DeFi-oriented services. This including the first version of the DeFi Dashboard with yield farming, borrowing/lending, and more features. Currently, we’re continuing our work and are proud to say that the release seems to be not that far away — stay tuned!

Also we are actively developing Interoperability with BSC V1 that is going to be delivered by Q2 2021. Currently, it is being developed on the testnet (link https://testnet.bscscan.com/address/0xa261DEC1cf1725bA0e0911f8A3dc4C5E5B3cA38a#code)

Another service we haven’t talked about a lot, but that is in active implementation is a fiat on/off-ramp. It will allow you, and all Essentia users, to buy cryptocurrency directly using FIAT money. We believe that it will provide even more accessibility for outsiders to enter the crypto world, and overall will just make it easier to acquire cryptos.

A lot of users have also asked to implement the dark theme of the Desktop app, which will be developed soon. Thank you all for the suggestions, as always! You help us make Essentia better.

The changes mentioned above are not far away, so we advise you to keep an eye on our social media, to always be in the know of all the recent developments.

Planned for 2022

On the other hand, lots of new features and tools will be implemented by the end of 2022.

Among them are:

- DeFi dashboard V2

- Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) app V 2.0

- Lending V1

- Voting Center

- Mobile apps extended functionality

- Identity Management

and more.

We will keep you posted about every tool and service we develop, as we move forwards. As always, we have so much work, and we’re gladly doing it with our goal in mind. We desire to provide up-to-date instruments for our users and top-level functionality, and that is also why we are always grateful for any feedback that our community provides. They allow us to create services that are usable and have value to them. So, if you have feedback to share, make sure you contact us on our Telegram channel. You can also forward there any questions on the roadmap, or the project in general!




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