Essentia June‘21 Monthly Updates

4 min readJun 15, 2021


Long time no see: it’s a busy time for Essentia! Today we’re finally here to review the most memorable events that happened to the projects during the last weeks, keep on reading if you want to stay in the know!


1-click Auto Deploy

The last few months were rich with news for the Essentia masternodes. First of all, we’re proud to remind you that we’ve just rolled out the possibility to auto-deploy Mars masternodes. As you probably remember, we initially only had Mercury masternodes available in our 1-click deploy service. Now, all users can choose the type while setting up a node directly in the Essentia wallet.

Fees reimbursement

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we’re currently running a fees reimbursement initiative for everyone who wants to set up a masternode. We are returning funds you spend for the token swap, as well as pay for your server fees. The initiative is active until June 30. Check out the conditions, and don’t miss your chance!

Masternode aggregators

During the last months, the Essentia masternodes were added to quite a number of different Masternodes aggregators. This is great for a variety of reasons: a) users wanting to install masternodes can now check all the needed information on their favorite aggregator services; b) it allows more people to find out about the possibility to even deploy our masternodes: great for spreading awareness. Among the services that added Essentia was Gentarium, Flits, Masternode.Buzz, and more. Find the whole list with links here.


Apart from the 1-click auto-deploy of the Mars masternodes, we were also able to launch the 1-click staking — followed by popular demand. Now, you can engage in cold-staking directly in the Essentia wallet and start earning rewards immediately. Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to use the service — however, we can assure you that it’s nothing complicated. Just a few clicks and you’re all set.


One of the events we were most excited to attend during the last week was BSC News AMA. It was an awesome experience, and an excellent opportunity to answer the questions that were asked directly by our community. If you have missed the event, don’t worry — you can read a transcript here. Take a look, you will definitely find answers to your questions there, we promise.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kyiv

Since the start of the pandemic, we haven’t had many chances to travel and attend events, that is why when we had the opportunity, we grabbed it. Last month, in Kyiv we were networking, and meeting top crypto players at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference. We had a great time, which you can see from some of the pictures:

See a photo recap to know exactly whom we were lucky to meet.


Just last week we delightfully launched a fourth round of the ESS/ETH pool on Unicrypt — all because our community was asking us to! We cannot believe how much involvement you all show, and we cannot be happier about it. If you’re new here, you can start earning passive income, just by staking your ESS into a pool — that simple. All details, dates, and a guide you can find here.

Dark Mode

A dark mode, an update you’ve all been requisitioning so much, is finally out. Have you seen it already? Share your opinions and suggestions in our official Telegram channel, or email us at

What’s next?

Lots of new features and tools will be implemented pretty soon, we’re already working on:

- DeFi dashboard V2

- Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) app V 2.0

- Lending V1

- Voting Center

- Mobile apps extended functionality

- Identity Management

and more.

We will keep you posted about every tool and service we develop, as we move forwards. As always, we have so much work, and we’re gladly doing it with our goal in mind. If you’re interested to see all the updates in our roadmap, click here.

That’s it for now! As always, if you have any questions, make sure to send them all to our Telegram channel, we will be glad to answer. See you in the next post!




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