Essentia 2021 Recap

6 min readDec 31, 2021

Has it really been a year already? We cannot believe that another 12 months were spent on the way towards our mission of contributing to the decentralized feature that blockchain technology offers.

Today we are here to, first of all, wish you all a happy and safe New Year! The situation globally is not what anyone could wish for, but we truly hope you will find happiness in every little thing that surrounds you. Happy New Year!

Now, let’s get to business. If you haven’t been around that much, this post is your chance to catch up with everything that happened during the last year in the Essentia community.

If you are interested to take a look at a simple recap of all updates, keep on reading!

Development updates

Let’s start with the most important thing — development. This year we managed to roll out the one-click masternode deploy for Mars masternodes. Now our users can easily set up a Mars masternode. Here’s a few step guide on how you can set up a masternode in no time:

  1. Go to your wallet, you will see the Deploy masternode button, click on it.

2. You will get this pop-up. Select your Mars node, enter the name of your masternode, as well as the server subscription timeline. Click Setup a masternode.

3. While the masternode is setting up, you will see the ‘In progress’ status. When you hover on it, you will see what step you are on at the moment.

4. When the masternode is up, the status will change to ‘Active’. This takes approximately 20 minutes. As you can see on the screenshot below, you can find the information about the next server payment to make, how many rewards you have earned, and the status of the node.

Note: the time of the masternode deployment depends on the network load, and might take up to 1–2 hours on the busiest days.

Determined to simplify the processes within the Essentia app, we also created the one-click staking option. This way our users are now able to simply lock in the ESS coins in their wallets to start earning the rewards.

Every platform has a fair share of bugs — this is simply how life works. This year we fixed numerous bugs and errors: from big to small. All this while also refining the existing UI/UX features and adding new ones on the go.


One of the biggest surprises of 2021 was learning how interested our community was in engaging farming with ESS coins as rewards. By popular request, we added ESS/ETH pool to Unicrypt just to reopen the farm FOUR more times after that. We really appreciate the interest you guys show, and we gladly comply with your wishes to re-launch the farm as many times as you need. You know that you can always forward your suggestions to Essentia’s official Telegram channel.


The Essentia team this year was extremely focused on the community side of the project. We were very active in incentivizing new users to join in and keep the engagement levels high. Let’s recap!


This year we had an incredible opportunity to be a part of the AMA with BSC News, where we talked about Essentia and how it works. For anyone who might have missed the actual live AMA, BSC News kindly posted a transcript that is available here.


As part of our gratitude towards our supportive community, this year we have distributed over 3M ESS tokens in airdrops! The tokens were sent to users that were actively staking ESS coins. We must tell you, that we are not planning on stopping such surprise airdrops! We do have some campaigns in plans, so do not hesitate to be active, staking, and setting up masternodes :)


As we mentioned already, we were very focused on incentivizing our users to participate in staking/masternodes set up. Also, we realize the current situation with Ethereum and its incredibly high fees. This combined, we came up with the fee-less initiative. This whole year we allowed our users to set up masternodes while we were covering the server fees!

And, that’s not all! We have been also covering the token swap fees taken to swap ESS tokens into ESS coins. This all means that in 2021 deploying a masternode only took our users the minimal lock amount of coins. All service costs were covered!


Are you on Essentia’s Twitter yet? If not, chances are you are sleeping on many opportunities to receive ESS tokens! This year we conducted several contests with tokens as prizes. One of them was finding out the three most active users on Essentia’s socials.

And others! Hit the follow button to never miss the updates and new contests!


We’re delighted to announce that a part of our team, namely Bohdan Bobrytskyi (Head of Operations) and Ilona Kotysko (Head of Marketing), attended the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kyiv! The event took place on May 25, 2021. It was an unmatched opportunity to network and talk with some top players in the industry. The circumstances around the world don’t allow traveling much, so we were very glad to have visited this event. Check out the photo recap here.


2021 was rich with listings and partnerships. We were proud to have been listed on You can now check all the master node information using this platform.

Other big listings we managed to secure were, Bibox, and MyContainer. What is even more exciting is that we not only have been listed but partnered with them. The cooperation that sprung out of it also resulted in many giveaways and airdrops for our awesome community!


This year we collaborated with a long list of YouTubers and Influencers with the goal of spreading the word about the project and attracting more and more active users. Did you find out about Essentia through one of such collaborations? Let us know!

What next?

We are working hard on Essentia, and want to achieve many more goals in the upcoming year of 2022.

First off, we will fix the token swap, and roll out a renewed version of the ETH-ESSX bridge.

The BSC bridge is also coming up soon(early 2022) alongside the Fiat on Ramp feature, which will allow users to purchase ESSX with their fiat within the app.

There will also be a completely new design of the app, with many new features, and quality of life changes.

We are looking to finish our mobile apps for Android and iOS by 2022 as well, allowing you to have access to your DeFi life on the phone.

This, and much more is coming up in the next year.

Stay tuned for the updates, and share your experience with us in the outgoing year. We’d like to hear you out!




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