Development Update: The Bridge is Out!

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


Hello, Essentia community!

Today we are coming to you with some great news, and additional development updates you may want to know about. Keep on reading to learn what we have achieved.

As you already know, during the last few months we have been pulling all-nighters working on the new bridge to enable our users with stable token swap functionality. We are proud to say that we have finally come to the end of this journey, and just rolled out the new bridge!

It was very hard on the development end to create — as we wanted to make sure this time, there is no place for major bugs. Our job was to make the token swap easier, more stable and safe. Since the day one of our project, we were placing safety of our users as our top priority, and this task was no different.

So, we can officially say that you can now safely exchange your tokens for coins in the Essentia app. We will include the token swap guide below for those who needs a little reminder for the procedure.

How to perform token swap?

2. Enter the number of tokens you wish to swap for coins and hit Swap.

3. Select the Essentia coin wallet you wish to send the coins to.

Note that the transaction fee will be taken from your Ethereum wallet — make sure you have some ready, and from the final number of the Essentia coins.

Great news! We will refund the swap fee for the lost ess tokens from the transaction.

Please fill out the form below once you’ve done the swap!

4. Check your transaction.

If you want a more detailed guide with more information, please visit the respective article right here.

We are delighted to announce that we decided to prolong our masternode running initiative, and offer free server fees for the whole 2022 year! We have been doing that for the whole 2021, and seeing the amount of patience and support on our community’s end, we wanted to acknowledge that. So, if you have a desire to contribute to the project and earn rewards for that — remember you have a unique opportunity to set up a Mars masternode, and not pay any server fees for running it.

Also, we have a 1-click masternode deploy ready, so that you won’t have to put in any effort into setting up. All can be done within minutes of your time.

If you are interested, check out this guide to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Soon the new app version will be released as well, so make sure you follow us to be among the first ones to know the news! Let us know what you think about the updates in our socials, we appreciate your feedback.

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