5 Reasons Why You Should Start Staking with Essentia

3 min readMay 11, 2021


As the days go, we see more and more people interested in staking within the Essentia app. And, of course, there are users who are on the verge. So, today we are here to offer you 5 reasons why you should stop hesitating, and start earning that passive income right now.

No lockup period

Many applications offering staking also have lockup periods. We — don’t. It’s up to decide for how long you need to keep your funds staked, and when to claim your rewards. All you need to do is click one Unstake button in the Essentia desktop app to get all your tokens right back into use.

Fees are refunded

We understand how frustrating it is to pay hundreds of dollars in fees these days. So, for quite a while now we’ve been offering the fees reimbursement initiative. The initiative entails that the fees for token swap, or servers (for masternodes) are refunded by us. We are planning on keeping the initiative active for a while still, so if you’re interested to check out the dates and conditions, please visit this article here.

Stable APY

Over the period of the last few months, the APY rates have been very stable, with numbers around 19%. This allows you to accurately predict the rewards for any timeframe.

Convenient setup

Enabling staking will take you 2 minutes of your active participation, everything else is on us. We’ve released the auto-deploy very recently, which was requested by our supporting community. With such functionality, you won’t need to spend more time than necessary on enabling it.

Low entry-point

If you want to start staking, you need to have at least 10,000 ESSX (coins), compared to our masternodes requirements (100,000 ESSX, and 300,000 ESSX). With this sum on your wallet, you can start staking and earning passive income right now.

How to start staking?

  1. Download the app from essentia.one.
  2. Create an account and a wallet.
  3. Click on your ESSX wallet, and choose Staking from the menu on top.

2. In the window that has popped up, enter the number of coins you want to stake.

3. Click Confirm.

And that’s it! Now you have your coins staked. It may take a few minutes for the system to register your actions, so wait a bit and then refresh the page.

All done! If you still have questions regarding staking, make sure you ask all of them in the official Telegram channel — we’ll gladly answer them.

If you need some more detailed instructions, visit an official guide here where you’ll find all the steps including the wallet creation and token swap.




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